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key commission for braden’s pyro!


key commission for braden’s pyro!


Variations in Laurent’s C support with his father.


everyone should follow my engie blog, imagineengineer because its like 50 away from 500, and when it gets to 500 im raffling off a strange specialized killstreak jag in hot rod sheen


This is canon in my heart.
manfriends getting married
manfriends with children
precious manfriends


This is canon in my heart.

manfriends getting married

manfriends with children

precious manfriends

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midorimacchan said: hm my name is kinda long but i dont usually use my moms last name (if i did, it would be super long)

I neither use my mom’s last name, but sometimes I notice the extra last name that some people have is what make it look longer.

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do not erase non binary identities or i will come to your house and replace all your wallpaper with 2007 rage comics

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you missed a somewhat important word for this post


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Latinxs in media have all these long ass name and the only latinx I know with a long ass name it’s me, that go with M- M- D- L- A- Díaz

edit: im gonna shit, i mean long ass NAME, not long ass

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why settle for flower crowns when you can have flowers and hats? I wanted to make a tf2-related repeating pattern the sake of making myself some clothes out of it, but I might make this available on gumroad and/or redbubble for anyone who wants to do the same (it’s transparent) or put it on your phone or whathaveyou. It took me for-effing-ever to make this but I’m happy to make more patterns of individual classes, or pairings, or threes. Feel free to send me a request. c: Hope you like it.

#tf2 #art


if you seriously cannot tell the different between “i hate the group that i am oppressing” and “i hate the group that is oppressing me” you need to sit down and shut up

"i hate trans people" is not the same as "i hate cis people"

"i hate a group of people so i’m going to kill, rape, judge, and oppress them" is not the same as "wow, i hate the group that continues to kill, rape, judge, and oppress me and people like me" 

"Tumblr genuinely is younger than most other social platforms, and more diverse. A greater proportion of its users are people of colour than on any other major platform. Women users make up a higher percentage than anywhere else bar Pinterest. Teenagers over-index dramatically. And while Pew and other research agencies don’t tend to ask about sexuality or gender identification, LGBT visibility in Tumblr fandom is very high. What looks to dim outsiders as some kind of obsession with “social justice” often just springs from people talking about themselves, their lives and the stuff that happens to them."

Just one of many excellent parts in this piece by Tom Ewing (which is only a little bit about Tumblr.)

(The piece is about Marvel fandom, though that’s not apparent from this quote.)

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This is exactly why people refer to Tumblr in dismissive tones, though. This is no accident. 

"Hysterical", "over-emotional", "irrational" means too many women

"obsessed with social justice" means too many POC, too many LGBTA, too many disabled/chronically ill people. Not just talking about their own lives, talking period, without being immediately silenced.

Makes some folks very uncomfortable.

It’s too blatant to even be a dogwhistle. 

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This is an extremely interesting insight, for me at least. And sheds some light on certain reactions to this blog both from the tumblr platform itself, and from other external websites. I wonder how medievalpoc and ideas about it are affected by overall perceptions about tumblr as a blogging platform, and the way its users are perceived. It lends some context to some of the assumptions people have made about my age, gender, race and *ahem* “relative credibility”.

Personally, I am in love with the interactive elements here.

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The fact that ~*communities*~ on Tumblr are ad hoc and lack defined boundaries… meaning our conversations are visible to those who’d rather not see us and privileged commentary doesn’t stay within privileged circles… also contributes, I think.

The reason that Tumblr is said to “belong to” [whatever marginalized group the speaker is angry at] and “not safe for” [whatever privileged group the speaker is defensive about] is because Tumblr has no corners. You can’t go sit in a corner, you can’t shove someone in a corner. It’s a very unusual experience, even on the internet. Even in social  media.

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Adventures on a non-English Speaker.

From asking a friend what the heck is an “arse” is and actually using google images search to find the meaning of “dildo”, and a long list of “I only wanted to learn what this word mean, where is all this porn coming from”

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I’m gonna buy a new tablet.


I’m gonna buy a new tablet.

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